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Level up your email writing, send responses 10x faster & never
struggle with a full inbox again.

Level up your email writing, send responses 10x faster & never struggle with a full inbox again.

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Scribbly is the simplest way to streamline your email writing.
If you’re replying to an email:
  • Select an email you want to respond to.
  • Select an intention that best represents how you want to respond to the email.
  • Edit and polish the suggested response and send it off!
If you’re writing an email from scratch:
  • Select “Input Mode”, provide Scribbly with some context and see the magic happen.
Signing up for Scribbly is easy! Here's what you need to do:
  • Download the Scribbly extension for Google Chrome here.
  • You will be redirected to login/register.
  • Open Gmail and start using Scribbly!

Currently, Scribbly is compatible only with Google Chrome. If you would like to see Scribbly in other browsers like Firefox or apps like Outlook please indicate your interest here!.

Your privacy and security is extremely important to us. Once Scribbly has processed your email and provided you with its AI-generated email responses, all that information is immediately deleted from Scribbly. Scribbly does not store any of your email information and Scribbly does not have access to your email as a whole or any of your email records. If you have any questions regarding privacy and security, please reach out to us at

Yes! Signing up with Scribbly automatically enrols you in our Free Plan, which will allow you to generate approximately 2-3 emails per day. If you need to send more emails, you can opt for our paid Premium Plan ($9.90/month) that gives you access to unlimited emails per day. You can upgrade here.

If you are on a Free plan, the amount of actions you can carry out on Scribbly is determined by how many credits you have remaining in your daily balance. Your balance is reset each day at 00:00 ET and any unused credits will not be rolled over to the next day. Premium users have unlimited access to Scribbly and have no credit use limitations.

In general, analyzing and producing longer emails take up more credits, and vice versa for shorter emails. Additional credits are consumed if you generate multiple responses. On the whole, each email takes anywhere between 500 - 1,000 credits.

If you have any questions about credit usage and balances, or if you would like to learn more about our paid plans, please reach out to us at


If you are already on a Premium Plan and you still need more credits, please reach out to us at We have a range of larger and enterprise-level plans available on request.

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